Nå sprer markjordbærene seg her i Oksrødkilen, og det blir fler og fler for hvert år. Noen sier det er fordi klimaet har blitt varmere.

Jeg tror det er fordi dette er et skikkelig smultronställe.


3 responses to “Smultronstället

  1. They look simply delicious, and so does the dish from your last post. What was that about Moesgard museum? I remember going there with Mitch. I loved it. kan du oversette?

  2. Hello Amanda.

    I was writing about the Danish «smørrebrød» called Stjerneskudd, which I made for me and Thv the other day. We have eaten Stjerneskudd several places in Denmark, and we found one of the best at an inn very close to Moesgård museum, that’s why I mentioned the museum. We went there on a summer holiday with the kids many years ago. After visiting the museum we went for a walk. We crossed some fields and then the path took us into the woods. Suddenly it started raining heavily, and we run down to a creek. And there by the creek and a mill, we found the most romantic inn. We went inside to get shelter from the rain storm, and then decided to have a meal, a smørrebrød. That particulair day is one of my most presious memories from our holidays. We also visited Aarhus, and we lived at a nice youth hostel, and did lots of holiday things to remember.

    Have a nice day.

  3. Aha! Rain can result in the most wonderful days!
    Nice to know while clouds seem to emerge again!

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